Will There be a Property Market Crash?

Where there is progress, you will find doomsayers shouting across the internet about end times. Many of these doomsayers warped articles and podcasts almost seem to be wishing for a property market crash to happen. So, let’s take a simplified look at the current UK property market. Is there going to be a crash? – […]

End of the Stamp Duty Holiday

We all know the feeling well: you’ve visited somewhere incredible for a couple of weeks, and then you find yourself back on a plane, which is slowly lowering itself away from blue sunny skies, into a thick, uncertain cloud above London, Birmingham or Bristol, and all you want to do is ask the pilot to […]

Stroud Awarded Best Place to Live in the UK

In a previous article, we mentioned about Cheltenham being amongst the top 10 places in the UK, which saw the largest price rises in property throughout 2020. This was great news for an area that Robinson David Estate Agents covers. However today, the gorgeous town of Stroud, one of many stunning towns in Gloucestershire that Robinson David Estate […]

Stamp Duty and Furlough Extension

The budget has been announced. Two weeks ago, we wrote an article about the uncertain property marketing moving forwards into 2021, with a brief look at 2020 where trends and predictions were almost impossible. >We attempted to focus in on the four major factors that the property market in 2021 would depend on, which were: […]

The Property Market into 2021

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Whilst the rest of the world has been focussing on the COVID19 pandemic, questioning whether a New Normal is needed for society to live by, the United Kingdom has also had to focus on another grey cloud, called BREXIT. These two enormous economy shaking beasts created a rollercoaster ride for the UK property market and […]