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Countryside Drives

Considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in the United Kingdom, having been granted the status of AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), The Cotswolds, of which Gloucestershire is a major part of, offers much for the keen driver to explore and discover, from patchwork fields and golden avenues, to charming tons and quaint villages, there are many picture perfect countryside drives to enjoy here.

And what could be more perfect of a vehicle to enjoy some of these countryside drives, than the classic Ferrari 308 GTB! (photographed above)

When living on the western side of The Cotswolds, around the districts of Stroud, Gloucester and Cheltenham, there are three key roads you’ll find yourself travelling often, which lead to many  countryside drives:

A key road for Cheltenham, is the B4632, which will take you through the town of Cheltenham, the village of Winchcome, where you can chose your Cotswolds routes from there onward.

A key road for Gloucester, is the A417, which will take you to Birdlip, where you can choose your Cotswolds routes from there onward, heading perhaps towards the village of Andoversford, or town of Cirencester.

A key road for Stroud, is the A419, which will take you to the town of Cirencester, or village of South Cerney, where you can choose your Cotswolds routes from there onward.

However, living along the western side of The Cotswolds also gives easy access to the Forrest of Dean, where a key road will be the A48, which will take you from Gloucester, directly towards the incredible Forrest of Dean, where many major movie sets have been based.

Once you are used to navigating these key roads, then when living here, Gloucestershire and the rest of the historic Cotswolds will open itself up to you, where you’ll find yourself able to cautiously navigate some of the old medieval roads, and open up a little along some of the ancient, longer and straighter Roman roads (within legal speed limits, of course!)

As well as being a genuinely stunning part of the United Kingdom to live, with what feels like endless postcard-worthy scenes hiding around almost each corner, homebuyers who enjoy driving, biking, and cycling, will surely find much enjoyment living here.

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