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Mental Health in the Countryside

The rise of COVID19 may have changed the property market landscape forever in the UK, by making a countryside life, with its benefits to mental health, even more appealing than it has always been, for a greater variety of people.

For professionals, until now one of the most major factors behind buying a property has been the commute to work. However, as workplaces now adapt to allow for more team members to work from home, whilst investing in new software and training, many professionals are finding that the commute to work may only be three days, two days, or one day per week, or, in some instances we have heard clients mention one day per month, and even not at all, with offices closing and overheads being cut altogether.

Another side effect of the pandemic, is that more of our clients have been using mental health and physical wellbeing as part of their reasoning for relocating to the three counties that make The Cotswolds. Having lived within the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities, COVID19 has made a countryside life become only ever more appealing for such clients.

The regions that Robinson David Estate Agents cover are ideal for this reason. Mental health and physical wellbeing are at the top of many residents lists throughout the Southwest, where the area boasts some of the countries greatest health events, such as the yoga goers favourite, Soul Circus, which helps our clients who relocate here adopt a true countryside lifestyle of relaxation and inner peace, whilst meeting likeminded individuals.

No longer needing to live on the doorstep of work, many Robinson David Estate Agents clients are now simply trading low quality polluted air and noisy jammed city roads, for fresh, lung satisfying oxygen, coupled with surrounding lush green scenery, replacing stress and anxiety with calm and tranquility.

Mental health has never had such a strong focus from so many people at once. What better reason does a person need to make positive and significant changes, such as relocating to the countryside?


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