Robinson David Estate Agents

New Branding

For what felt like a very long time, we have had significant discussions, comparing and reasoning, whilst creating the right company branding that we feel reflects our personality, as well as what we feel our clientele will be at ease with.

Today, at Robinson David we are proud to announce the successful launch of our new branding and website, which you can now recognise us with and look out for, as we move forwards into the New Normal of 2021 and beyond.

Robinson David Estate Agent Colours

Our chosen palette consists of:

  • Paper.
  • Two shades of medium grey.
  • Three shades of deep rich blue.
  • Autumn gold.

David chose this colour palette for good reason.

Having worked with property for many years, David understands the traditional importance of paper within such an environment. Until 2009, significant portions of the property selling or buying process was paper based, being hand written or printed documents, of which David spent many years writing, reading, designing and signing.

It was important to have the off-white colour of paper as part of Robinson David’s colour palette, to help create and include a sense of traditional je ne sais quoi within our new digital branding.

The two shades of medium grey are for our website text, which are easier on the eyes than black for our clients. Having two shades helps us to emphasis important information for our clients, whilst making our website easier to navigate.

Many would suggest that greens, reds, oranges and browns would be the ideal colours to represent The Five Counties that make The Cotswolds, which is the area our service currently covers, however, being a keen photographer, David’s favourite time of year to live in the Cotswolds is the autumn. During these shorter autumn evenings, David has always adored how the the rich golden sunlight and warming deep blue skies this incredible English countryside offers here, makes for a perfect landscape, or impressive backdrop to any photograph.

It was important that these sometimes overlooked, dreamy, inoffensive, yet warm and embracing colours, were to be incorporated into the Robinson David colour palette, helping to give a desired welcoming and relaxing feel.

A lot of time and thought has been given towards every aspect of our new branding and website, and we hope that you enjoy the experience of browsing what we have created for you here.


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