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A Search in the Suburbs

Many Robinson David Estate Agents clients are either relocating from one of the United Kingdoms major cities, or relocating from abroad. Some want complete seclusion within a grand countryside manor, enjoying their privacy and only venturing out to play at specific events, others still want to keep a city lifestyle but healthier, and then there are those who land somewhere in between.

For these clients, we boast two options, which are either to search a little further out through some of the many country villages throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, or, to search a little closer in through the vast array of property types available within the suburbs.

When moving from a city, you can be forgiven for thinking of suburbs throughout the United Kingdom being areas of either Edwardian or 1960-1990 style orange bricked properties, some with cladding, others with traffic exhaust stains, most with little character or care for design.

However, for the five counties that make The Cotswolds in the Southwest, this couldn’t be further from reality.

From near Hardwicke, to near Broadway, to near Witney, and endless more locations, when searching for property within the suburbs here, you can be searching through the extremes of stone, characterful properties hundreds of years old, to Victorian renovations, to the interesting, eco-friendly designs that new build properties are now offering as more investers build around local towns. 

Because of the sheer amount of options in our suburbs available to our clients, it can be extremely time consuming finding the perfect suburbs home, so a completely clear idea of what you want and need isn’t just key, it’s vital. The suburbs are perfect for clients who have families, where being very close to amenities and schools are a cornerstone requirement for their property search. 

My own personal needs led me to live in the suburbs, where my location boasts a two minute drive to easy motorway access, easy schools access, and easy access to amenities like supermarkets and gyms.

This is life in the suburbs, where a ten minute drive in one direction delivers you to the heart of one of our many stunning towns or villages, yet, a five minute walk in the opposite direction delivers you to countryside lanes, with countryside pubs, and fresh picturesque farmlands.


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