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A Search in the Villages

Throughout the five counties that make The Cotswolds, which are Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. The Cotswolds have been granted the title of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) however, should also be known as an area of outstanding property diversity.

For customers who we don’t currently have properties to match, Robinson David Estate Agents can find grand properties situated on their own in the countryside, we can find properties within bustling towns, and we can find two types of properties somewhere in-between, which for our clients wanting to be closer to town, but still feel close enough to the countryside, we have the suburbs, and for our clients who want to be closer to the countryside, but still feel close enough to town, then we have The Cotswolds infamous villages to search through.

The villages here are extremely popular locations for film sets and popular with tourists. For example, Bourton-on-the-Water is one of the most photographed villages in the country. For this reason, a select few villages within the regions Robinson David covers, have booming annual tourist industries for clients thinking to open a small family run business.

From Snowshill and Painswick, two delightful villages nestled into the west Cotswolds hills, to Chipping-Norton and Woodstock, two picturesque villages situated near Blenheim Palace in the east Cotswolds, we can find a diverse selection of property to satisfy every home or investment hunter with village lifestyle requirements.

However, as some clients aren’t already aware of, with The Cotswolds being keen to keep its heritage as pristine as possible within a modern world, with historic villages come potentially listed buildings and rules and regulations to look out for. Clients relocating to live a new life wouldn’t need to be so cautious, however, for unfamiliar investors searching here without the aid of a property finder, has been described as carefully navigating through a minefield, with only a partially filled in map.

Some villages can feel very ‘off the radar’ and quite secluded, pockets of life within the rolling countryside, which for many clients is appealing, however, some villages are also market towns, like Chipping-Campden, with slightly higher populations and easier access to local amenities, coffee houses, local brands and schools. Other villages have the vibe of a market town, like Broadway and Bourton-on-the-Water, but are actually tourist attraction villages.

And this is where there is a little unspoken compromise…

This area of the UK is popular with tourists, and most tourists flock to the market towns. So, if a customer decides on a village that has a market town to be surrounded with more people and amenities, then they must be prepared for a lot of annual tourist activity.

Some customer love the buzz that tourists bring, and for small business owners tourists also bring a lot of opportunity.

However, if a customer doesn’t fancy the idea of tourist foot flow, then the more secluded villages are preferable, which are just as picturesque as our market towns, but with no annual tourists and slightly less immediate access to amenities, however all with fantastic local pubs boasting craft ales and fresh locally grown ingredients, and most still reasonably close to a larger town such as Swindon, Cirencester or Stroud.


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