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Photograph of a Robinson David Estate Agents in Gloucestershire virtual tour camera.

Virtual Tours

Sadly, it often takes a disaster to drive the implementation of new technology and bring costs down. Although some estate agents have been exploring the potentials of virtual tours for a few years now, virtual tours were a luxury that only the larger brands could afford to explore, however, the unfortunate circumstances that came with 2020 brought with it new options with new opportunities within the area of virtual tours.

Within only 18 months, virtual tours have solidified their place within the estate agency trade, where the importance of an estate agent being able to offer a virtual tour has been recognised by homeowners throughout the country, not only for convenience, but now more importantly for health.

I think that it wouldn’t be too unfair, or too dramatic, to suggest that virtual tours probably saved the UK property market over the past 18 months, allowing it to boom. the government could have promoted any incentives that they liked, but not being able to view a property in person meant that another option was needed, which is where virtual tours stepped in to save the day. Without virtual tours, the boom wouldn’t have happened, at least not so significantly.

Today, it is just as unacceptable for an Estate Agent not to be able to offer a virtual tour to their clients, as it would be to not offer an photography, which is why virtual tours were one of the first big investments that Robinson David Estate Agents made.

However, for those of you who have not sold a property within the past 18 months, you might be wondering what exactly is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is when an estate agent uses a 360 degree camera, to photograph and create a logic tour of your property, so that potential buyers can walk through your home from the comfort of their own desktop computer or mobile device. It literally is the new open house, where instead of having to have your home open for hours, with many people walking through, your home is open to view 24/7 digitally online.

This means that, you will probably have fewer physical viewings, where potential buyers who want to view, are more interested than they would be if they were visiting your home without a sense of the space and feel from the virtual tour. Quality viewings, rather than quantity of viewings.

Since 2020, an obvious more thought about benefit to this would be that you’ll have less people walking through your property, who might be carrying colds or flu, which none of us enjoy catching. However, there are more benefits than this…

For example, we now have a new culture of “work from anywhere”, which means that more people than ever before in the UK, are now working from home. It seems like the government are going to push “back to the office” soon, however, businesses have realised that they can cut costs, give a better quality life to their teams, and raise productivity, by being able to offer “work fro anywhere”, so even if some go back to the office, we will probably find people working from home stays quite a common trend from now onwards.

This means that when things like unexpected Zoom meetings happen, physical viewings can clash with a homeowners work schedule, more than they did before 2020. However, with a virtual tour helping to keep physical viewing numbers down, this means that people working from home are much less inconvenienced with Robinson David Estate Agents.

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a more convenient way to sell their home in todays new property market, where we are always looking for new ways to make the process even easier, as well as offering home buyers the opportunity to save their fuel, and view our properties safely, from the comfort of their own current homes.


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